Brick/Paver Society




Yes, you are reading the title correctly! Troy University has moved forward and established the Brick/Paver Society. Each Brick/Paver contributor will now receive a lapel pin that will give you the recognition of being in this elite society. Those members that have already contributed will receive their pin in the very near future.

In a fundraising effort, Troy University has teamed up with our chapter to create a sidewalk for Alumni and friends. When a brick or paver is purchased for this sidewalk, it will be placed directly in front of the new Pi Kappa Phi house and is tax deductible. This is a great way to raise money for the chapter, as well as, leave your mark on the fraternity that has awarded you with so much.

Listed below you will find the link to the purchase screen via the web. All purchases of fraternity bricks can be done online now using a debit or credit card. The cost is $200 for a paver and $100.00 for a brick which will go be placed in front of the chapter house. Only $40 of the cost of the brick or $80 of the paver will go to the University to cover labor and cost.  The remaining $120 or $60 will be placed in a separate fund controlled by the Chapter Advisor and Alumni Chapter President.  These funds raised will be used solely for house upgrades such as furniture, decks, pool table, T.V.’s etc.  Approval for use of these funds are strictly by the Alumni Leadership.  In addition, once a brick or paver has been purchased, future tax deductible donations in any amount may be made using this Brick Fund account with 100% of the donation going directly to the chapter by selecting the “I have a purchased a brick.  This is a donation.”

LINK TO PURCHASE BRICK:  If you have any questions regarding the Brick Project, you can contact Larry Turrin, Pi Kappa Phi “Gamma Gamma” Chapter/Financial Advisor at

Balance as of 12/10/2017 $4,260.32
(Does not include purchases waiting to be processed)

Thanks to the following for joining the elite Brick/Paver Society:

FF Charles Kendrick (Founding Father)
1 Bo Barrow
2 Paul Nix
3A John F. Butler
4 James N. Clayton
5 Walter L. Cadwell
11 Larry Grover
12 Max Scroggin
23 Robert Kittrell
32B Driscoll Colquett
32C Ronald Bailey
32E Mike Cavender
113 Benny Pinkard
158 Richard E. Jones
383 Donald O. Batchelor
388 Scott Davis
388 Scott Davis – Fall 1980 Pledge Class
398 Laurence S. Turrin
423 Greg Spears
434 Mike and Rene Burns
469 Jason Jones
588 Troy D. Price
606 Derrick M. Stinson
776 John Browning
777 Mike Cadwell
789 John C. Bedsole
792 Billy Whigham
998 Taylor Oaks
1016 Jonathan Brooks
Britton S. Core (1997 Rose)
Robert Palmer Dedication
Deidre Jones (Alumni Little Sister)