2017 Executive Council

Kenny Luker


My role as Archon or President of the fraternity is to delegate work to all committee members, supervise scholarship, and to be the spokesman of the Gamma Gamma Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi.


Steven Sain

Vice Archon


My role as Vice Archon or Vice President is to be the organizer of all recruitment events and IFC regulations.


Hayden Whittle




My role as Treasurer is to collect and disburse all monies of the fraternity and to follow the chapter approved budget.


Benton Stroud



My role as Secretary is to manage all communication and administration documents with the National Office and the local chapter.


Brendan Miller



My role as Historian is to manage all historical documents, maintain the chapter website and produce the chapter newsletter.


Taylor Gray


My role as Warden is to keep order during all chapter meetings, organize the Big Brother program, and educate the associate members on the history of both the National Organization and the Gamma Gamma Chapter.


Vincent Elio

Vincent Elio



My role as Chaplain is to coordinate all religious activities of the chapter and be responsible for all chapter rituals and equipment.


Ben Barnett

Journey of Hope 2016

Philanthropy Chairman


As Philanthropy Chairman I’m responsible for directing and supervising all philanthropic and service oriented activities of the chapter. These activities include, but are not limited to, those directly aligned with the spirit and mission of Push America.


Caleb Williford

Risk-Management Chairman


As Risk-Management Chairman, my duty is to oversee and monitor risk management programming to assure that measures are in place to prevent accidents and injuries in all chapter activities and abide by the National RISK Management Policy.


Connor Holstun

Standards Board Chairman

As Standards Board Chairman, my duty is to ensure National and local Chapter Standards are upheld while developing and implementing programs to ensure proper etiquette is maintained among the active chapter and associate member program.



Co-Chapter/Financial Advisor:  Larry Turrin

Co-Chapter Advisor: Mike Bunn

Faculty Advisor:  Aaron Martin