The red rose is the official flower of Pi Kappa Phi, and is given to people who gain a special place in the heart of the members of Pi Kappa Phi.

The Chapter elects a Rose each year in which one special lady will be chosen by the Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi “Gamma Gamma”.  This award is given with special care and respect to a woman who has contributed greatly in several ways to the betterment of the “Gamma Gamma” Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity. The Rose shall receive a dozen roses and the “Rose of Pi Kappa Phi” will be sung to her by the brotherhood at a specified time and place.

Each one of these ladies have been instrumental in making Pi Kappa Phi “Gamma Gamma” into the oldest and greatest fraternity at Troy University.  We are forever thankful and honored that each lady accepted our invitation to become our Rose!

1966                   Jeanett Hendrix

1969                    Ginger Creel

1970                    Iris Anna Graddy

1971 or 72          Mary Sharon Mungenast

1973                     Kathy Meacham

1974-75               Brenda Thurmond

1976                     Degie Lake

1977-78               Toni Ann Duke

1979                     Beverly Mathiews

1980                     Tammy Tase

1981                      Carrie Pierce

1982                   Rebecca Redd- Hagelin – 1982 National Rose

1983                   Jana Hartert – 1983 National Rose

1984                     Rene Lyles Burn

1985                     Jacki Hubert

1986                     Anne Johnson

1987                     Julie Sauders Brown

1988                     Gena Bentowski

1989                     Michelle Fivian

1990                     Michelle Krist

1991                     Sonya Fortune

1992                     Teri Alred

1993                     Kristen Cohen

1994                     Holly Turney Nix

1995                     Tonya Jones Mugler

1996                     Tracey Jordan

1997                     Shani Risinger

1998                     Beverly Ann Dykes

1999                     Mary Beth Morris

2000                     Katie Columbo

2001                     Gentrie Busbee

2002                     Candi Hagler

2003                     Amanda Scott

2004                     Carlyn Bowser

2005                     Amanda Macdonald

2006                      Mary Spivey

2007                      Mary Spivey

2008                      Susie Minter

2009                      Shay McCaffery

2010                      Natalie Sain

2011                       Elisa Campbell

2012                      Courtney Johnson

2013                       Allison Milstead

2014                       Caroline Clark

2015                       Hannah Beard

2016                       Katie Moore

2017                       Carley Simmons

2018                       None

2019                       None

2020                      Katelyn Little